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What do You Know About YOUR Protein Powder?

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If you buy your protein off of a store shelf or online from a company you know nothing about, please take a second to read this…

All protein is not created equal!

Did you know that there are different grades of whey protein on the market today?

They are categorized in grades of 1-6

Grades 1 & 2:
Are equivalent to dog/cat food. These grades are the worst of the worst. Mostly biowaste animal parts, no regulation, filled with non protein fillers, nothing life enhancing about these grades. GMO fed cows






Grades 3-5:
Are what people buy 90% of the time in the mainstream stores and online supplement websites. These can best be understood as coming from conventional hormone pumped, GMO corn fed, antibiotic injected, forcefully milked out of the season cows.






Grade 6:
A better step in the right direction. Most protein in this class would come from organic cows (not necessarily free range or seasonally milked).

Grade 7:                                                                                                                            Whey is cold processed and live enzymes are preserved. Cold processing keeps amino acid chains intact, promoting lean muscle. No acid is ever use during the processing. The final product is the best quality undenatured whey (meaning it is not destroyed by heat by pasteurizing the whey) in the world.






Grade 7 Whey is also:
– the king of clean
– grass fed…never corn
– free range
– milked only in season
– organic
– 97% bioavailability (if your body can’t assimilate what you put into it….nothing will work)
– no hormone or antibiotic injections
– free of heavy metals
– no fillers

Before you go out and buy just any protein powder, make sure you educate yourself first.

What your fueling  your body with may actually be causing more harm than good!