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Welcome Coach Nick Shafer

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We welcomed Coach Nick Shafer to our CrossFit Upper Limit Staff at the beginning of the month and we are so glad to have him on board!

We tempted him to chat with us about who he is, with a few donuts and a Starbucks coffee…we got maybe 30 seconds out of  him!

He’s a busy guy!

Here’s what we learned…

Nick has been Crossfitting for 6 years and holds certifications as a Crossfit Level 1 Coach and  a  USA weightlifting Sports Performance Coach.

When we asked him what he specialized in, he replied, “ I wouldn’t say I have a specialization.  Like every CrossFitter, I would say the goal is to specialize in everything.”  

Hes passionate about helping others achieve their goals and it shows in his coaching skills. He loves  to help others to see their  passion for fitness.  He also will do his best to push them to give 100% effort during every workout.  

His athletic background consists of playing football and running track in high school.  Nothing crazy. Yeah, nothing crazy…he forgot to mention that he has made it to Crossfit Regionals a few times with his team… but no big deal right?

So what made him answer his calling to become a coach?   “By coming to the realization that working 9-5 in an office everyday, was killing me.  I would help out people in the gym while I was training, giving them bits of advice on technique or training.  Then someone suggested I should do this for a living. We’re glad you made that choice, too!”

When we asked about his favorite quote, he responded with, “Quit making excuses, do the work” 

One thing you may notice about Coach Nick is that he is pretty quiet at first but when you take the time to get to know him, he’s actually a very out going and talkative guy.

When you get the chance please introduce yourself and welcome him to our community!