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The Ole’ Crossfit Switcheroo

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Meet Sam Kelly! 👏👏👏

He has been a member for just about 3 weeks now and had some great advice for anyone looking to get in shape!

Check out what Sam had to say about his member experience, so far…

“Just got started and I’m impressed.

What the reviews are saying is exactly what it is –
“a friendly, helpful,community-orientated gym.”

I never thought I’d ever join a gym, but I’m heading over-the-hill quickly and been too out of shape for too long. I desperately needed something, and happened to observe the way they took care of a HS rugby player I used to coach.

The more I observed, the more I kept thinking, “this might just be a place for me.”

It will be tough, but I can also tell it’ll be worth it and that I’ve got a good support group to get me there.

No regrets about joining.

I had to do it and couldn’t have chosen a better way.”

Thank you Sam! We are so excited to have you here!!

Interested in switching up your fitness routine to something that reignites that fitness fire? We would love to meet you!