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Price is What You Pay, Value is What You Receive

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We are More Than the Cost of Our Membership.

I remember the day I began shopping for my first gym.

I was a new mom, with a baby in tow and three older boys in school and I had some major goals in mind for myself.

It was time for me, finally!

One of the things that was a concern to me was cost.

Because I was supporting a family it was imperative that I chose the cheapest route possible!

So what did I do?

I walked into the gym that boasted of a $10 a month membership!

BAM! Problem solved!

“So what do I get with this membership?” I asked the man at the counter.

“You get unlimited access to all our shiny new machines!”

” Is there going to be anyone to show me how to use those machines? A personal trainer? A coach? Anyone?”

“No ma’am, but you get unlimited access to all our shiny new machines!”

Needless to say, I left because I didn’t see the value spending even a measly $10 a month, for a gym membership that wasn’t going to assist me in accomplishing my goals!

You see $10 a month sounds good in the beginning but when you take a look and really see what you’re getting for that $10 a month, you’re pretty much on your own!

I fell in love with Crossfit because of the value it provides everyone, no matter your economic status, your gender, or most importantly, your goals.

I fell in love with Crossfit because included with my membership is personalized coaching every time I stepped foot in the gym! To know that someone is there to hold me accountable and to push me closer towards achieving my goals, is of huge value to me!

Never have I ever once felt that I am throwing away my money on a useless gym membership – not once! Most people can not say that about their gym.  In fact, most gyms operate off the assumption that once you purchase their membership, that you wont show up…not even once! Of those that purchase gym memberships, only 36% actually use it! 

To pay for someone who knows their stuff, teaches me to workout correctly, knows my name and my goals, is worth every penny!

I fell so in love with CrossFit and the crazy amount of people that it helps to become fit, that I opened my own affiliate!

Now I’m on the giving end of the equation and its the best feeling ever!

Yours In Fitness,

-Coach Amy


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