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Nutrition Tips for the 2017 Open

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Tonight the second CF Open workout will be announced to the world…well, the Crossfit community but that IS the world, right? Come Friday morning, every Upper Limit athlete will have the opportunity to take on what will most likely be a beast of a workout.

Even though we remain in the dark about what 17.2 will be, we CAN start preparing with our nutrition.

I’m not saying you’ll make any HUGE differences in your performance in just 1 week of eating well, BUT here are some tips to make sure you’re feeling your best when you go to attack the workout!

  1. Not much should change – If you’ve found something that works for you prior to a workout, then don’t change much. Keep things pretty similar.


  1. Hydrate – Most of us are walking around dehydrated already. Start TODAY and make sure you’re drinking plenty of water leading up to it.


  1. Pre-Workout – SOME caffeine is good, it has shown to aid in perceived exertion and physical performance, but don’t overdo it. Think maybe 1 scoop of Aminos with some water or easy digesting carbohydrates 1 hour prior to sip on.


  1. Eat last meal 2-3 hours prior to workout – You want to feel nourished but not full or heavy. Keep this meal mostly carbohydrates and some protein, I’d stay away from as much fat as possible, this will slow your meal digestion to much, prior to the workout. We want quick, sustainable energy throughout.

Then 1-2 hours prior to workout, consider a small snack that is easy to digest or some liquid BCAA’s/Carb mixture to sip on.


  1. RECOVER – Make sure you’re taking in some carbs and protein as soon as you can handle it post-workout. Then getting in a solid meal within 2 hours after the workout to help you recover for the next one!

I wish all of you the best of luck, competitor or not, for the upcoming weeks. It is exciting for sure! Stay tuned for more tips to keep you at the top of your game during the CF Open season!