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Member Spotlight: Dana’s Story

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I remember well,  the day Dana came walking into Upper Limit…she walked in and I was in the middle of coaching a huge class.  Most of the time we ask that people make an appointment to come in and see us, so that we can block off the time to actually sit down with them, one on one, and give them our undivided attention…but I certainly didnt want to turn her away that day.

Luckily, my business partner was in that day and he was able to chat with her.

About 5 minutes into the conversation, I look over and see her crying and him putting his arm around her shoulder saying, “You came to the right place, we can help you!”.

The rest is history!

Dana has been a faithful member here for over 9 months and she shows no signs of stopping!  She has lost weight, made working out a priority in her life and made lots of new friends along the way.

We’re so proud of you Dana and we are so glad you decided to take a chance and walk through our doors here at Upper Limit!