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May Athlete of the Month, Kathia Garcia

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The morning that I first met Kathia, she ventured into the gym almost as a tag along behind her sister and boyfriend. When I sat down with the 3 of them to chat about what brought them in to Upper Limit, she barely spoke a word and when she did, it was to agree with what the others were saying.  That young lady is no longer who she is! She shows up, on average, 4 times a week for her workout.  She is dedicated, she works hard every minute she is in the gym and she welcomes the push she gets from her coaches.  When others opt out of a mile run, she is the first one out the door! She is what I call a silent warrior- her focus is intense but not offensive, she is strong but has a gentle smile,  a kind spirit and her mission is to never quit! I feel very fortunate to have her as one of our female athletes! She is only beginning to scratch the surface of her potential! Heres a little more about her…

What made you decide to join CrossFit Upper Limit and how long have you been a member?  I decided to join crossfit, it wasnt a decision that I made at my own! I had my sister Rosalba and boyfriend Cesar kind of push me to join we all wanted to do something for ourselves we all have different goals. My goals are to be able to look good and feel good about my self I had clothes that just didnt look the same on me I knew it was time for me to do something about it and 7 months later I can say I like what I see.  I see my self doing crossfit for a long long time I love it!!!!

What are your fitness goals? I have a few goals Two of them I have accomplished for example deadlifting my own weight ✔️ 🙂 Running a mile ✔️ . My next goal is to train for a marathon; thats something I always dream of doing!!! And next year hopefully the Spartan Race.

Talk to us about your athletic background. What did you do prior to training at CrossFit Upper Limit? Prior to Crossfit Upper Limit i wasnt an active person I used to hike once in a while and did Bootcamp and even tried a boxing class. But nothing compares to crossfit. I tried it. I love it and  Im staying here !

What type of diet do you follow? My diet is all over the place I try to keep it clean drink lots of water but my love for tacos is too strong!

Favorite movements in the CrossFit program? My favorite movements in the Crossfit program are definitely the front and back squats and I have a love and hate relationship with the burpees.

Least favorite? My least favorite the snatches and thrusters; hate them to death and wall balls are on the hate list as well!

Tell us one thing that most people don’t know about you. I guess no one knows my background. I was born in Mexico and I was brought to Phoenix when I was eight years old. I have two sisters and a brother. I happen to be the middle child and I love that 🙂

How has being a member of CrossFit Upper Limit impacted your life? Being a member of Crossfit Upper Limit impacted my life in many ways! For some, these ways may seem small but for me they were big accomplishments like finally being able to run a whole mile without feeling like I lost my breath or being able to deadlift my own body-weight. I wasnt an athletic person and Im still not where I want to be but CrossFit Upper Limit is helping me get where I want to be. I would like to thank Coach Amy for all her support.