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Macros That Fit Your Lifestyle

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Counting Macros and Eating Accordingly Can Be Really Daunting. It’s a bit of a Learning Curve but It Does Get Easier.

Once you get past the first few weeks of getting used to weighing, measuring, planning, and tracking, you’ll find it actually gives you more freedom to stay true to your goals, and actually cramps your lifestyle less than some other restrictive diets!

Sure, it takes some planning and accountability but here’s how it can help:

You don’t have to ditch your social life

You won’t have to plan your social calendar around your eating instead, plan your eating around your social calendar!

If you know you’re eating out or going to a party later, you can plan ahead so you have the appropriate macros saved up. Plus, because you’ll be well-practiced at weighing and measuring your food, you’ll be able to eyeball your portions and track the rest of the day even without your trusty scale.

Don’t be that person

You don’t have to be the one with the Tupperware container at the restaurant, or the person just ordering a side salad. You’ll have the flexibility to eat out because you planned your day accordingly – without throwing your whole diet and all your goals out the window! Plus, macros can even allow for planning around enjoying the occasional alcoholic beverage.

No more “restricted” food

Unless it’s an allergy or sensitivity, nothing is off-limits, food-wise, as long as you get it to fit your plan.

Because you can easily make room for your favorite foods, you’re less likely to binge. You won’t completely fall off the wagon, because if you really want that cookie, you can fit it in there and just make some adjustments to the rest of your day (reallocating those calories, namely carbs and fats) so it fits nicely.

Because macros allow you to have more food freedom, you can still enjoy your social life, restaurants and parties, your favorite foods, and even some alcohol – all without ditching your diet and goals.

It just takes some practice and pre-planning, but it can happen without derailing all the work you’ve already done.


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