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June Athlete of the Month-Dawn Halbrook

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As a box owner, its not easy to choose an “Athlete of the Month” every month because I think ALL our athletes ROCK! However, being at the gym as much as I am gives me a great vantage point over all our athletes and how much effort they put into every workout.  I get to coach many of them through countless workouts and have seen them at both their best as well as their worst.  

What tends to catch my eye is that one athlete who shows up consistently, puts in 100% effort into their workout and works hard to reach the goals they set for themselves the minute they walked through our doors.

As you will soon find out, when the work is all said and done, she leaves nothing on the table.  She is one that I can truly say gives her all! When she looks back on a workout and the effort she puts in, she knows that the thought of, “Could I have gone faster, lifter heavier or rested less?” never crosses her mind.

She is the mother of two wonderful boys, a college student and head of a group called the “Busties Volkswagon Club” which may I add, is the only, womens only,  Volkswagon club in the USA!

She has taught me a lot about nutrition and has shared the darker side of the food industry in which she works. I love our conversations!

Dawn is on fire for her fitness and it shows! She recently achieved her first pull up and its not uncommon for her to stay after class, to work on a specific skill. On a few occasions, she makes her way back to the gym in the afternoon, not to workout…because she did that in the morning but to cheer on a friend who recently joined our gym…shes just that kind of gal!

Here’s what we learned about her during our interview…

What made you decide to join CrossFit Upper Limit and how long have you been a member?

Funny story…I felt fat. It’s true, I was unhappy in my skin. I saw the “Upper Limit” sign go up across the street from my house I knew it was a sign (no pun intended)J I have been a member for 20 months. My 2 year anniversary is September 2017.

What are your fitness goals?

To be a healthy strong old lady and feel good in my skin.

Talk to us about your athletic background. What did you do prior to training at CrossFit Upper Limit?

I have always been active, but not athletic if that makes sense. I love to hike. I prefer killer hikes. I have never felt like I was working out if I didn’t want to die at the end. That is why I love CrossFit. It pushes me harder than I would ever push myself. I have become very comfortable going to my dark place.

What type of diet do you follow?

Well, this could potentially be a loaded question. I do not diet. Having said that, I stay away from most all processed foods (except quinoa and rice noodles), cows, pigs, sugar and gluten. I do however drink beer which is why I need CrossFit. Yes, I know it seems like a contradiction. It’s real simple…I am ok with real sugars or sugars that are naturally fermented, even honey, just not processed sugars.

Favorite movements in the CrossFit program?

I love me some power cleans and dead lifts. I have also fallen in love with rope climbs, pull-ups and hand stand push-ups.

Least favorite?

Clearly BURPEES!!! Thrusters are running a close second.

Tell us one thing that most people don’t know about you.

Most people don’t know that I suffer from panic and anxiety. It got so bad post-partum after my son Alexander that I couldn’t leave the house. I found that exercise was my drug. I am passionate about mental health and the benefits exercise has on a person’s mind.

How has being a member of CrossFit Upper Limit impacted your life?

Well, all my friends think I am crazy and yet they totally get why I CrossFit. It keeps me grounded, focused, strong and gives me a leg to stand on when it comes to talking smack about who’s stronger with my 2 boys. The box itself is a place to put it all on the table. I never go in worrying about my hair, make-up or what I look like (clearly). I go in to Upper Limit to have my ass handed to me and thank Amy as I leave.