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Is it Time to Ditch the Health Club?

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It wasn’t that long ago that we got all the exercise we needed from our daily activities. But in today’s world,  the need for human “labor” has been almost eradicated. Now that we work desk jobs, have our meals prepared and delivered right to our doorstep and enjoy a generally sedentary lifestyle we are required to reintroduce this missing physical activity. For some reason, the question of how to add physical activity, or work, back into our lives is one that has proven to be puzzling, controversial, and difficult terrain to navigate.

In response to the demands of the market the fitness industry has grown tremendously, particularly in North America where an estimated $28 billion was spent in 2015. Much of this industry is dominated by health clubs and large gym franchises that offer a sampling of strength equipment, cardio machines, TV’s, massage chairs and minimal staffing. Granted  how many staff members do you need when your members don’t actually attend the club? In a study done by students at UC Berkeley found 67% of gym memberships are never used in the population they surveyed.And if youre not going to the gym, then YOU are their BEST customer!

Wait, huh?

Yep, you read that right! Those big box gyms know how to target their marketing towards individuals who won’t more than likely, never step foot in their doors.  The  health club has made zero commitment to you. They don’t care if you show up or not. Luckily there is someone out there who does.

Boutique fitness is the alternative to the traditional health club model. Boutique gyms offer specialized classes based on the expertise of the owners, teachers, or coaches. CrossFit boxes, Barre studios, Bikram yoga, parkour facilities, spin classes  are all great examples of the boutique fitness model.

These communities succeed when the all parts are working together; the owner, staff, and clientele all succeed when they each meet their goals. This synergistic effect leads to faster results and more satisfaction from all parties. As a client you have a team of coaches and fellow members who are all rooting for you, teaching you, and most importantly holding you accountable. Becoming fit doesn’t have to be a chore, a challenge, or a pain point. It can be fun!

Some of the most common reasons we hear, from inquiring members, about why they want a change are-

  • “I don’t know what to do when I get to the gym”
  • “I cant tell if what I’m doing is working”
  • “I get bored with going to the gym, it always feels like work”
  • “I don’t know how to lift weights/choose a routine/eat the right food”

So we help them  focus on RESULTS.

There’s something unique and personal about the coaches, friends, and community members that you’ll meet at each class. People will ask you about your day, learn about your goals and life, and most importantly encourage you to show up consistently to your workouts.

If boredom is your challenge then a workout that changes every day is exactly what you need. Not only that but the different coaching styles and friends you’ll make at different times of the day make each class a totally unique experience.

If information is the enemy then relax, because that’s already been taken care of for you. Your coach has put a lot of thought into a training program that will improve your fitness and will be by your side to instruct you on form, breathing, and what weights to use.

To get the results you want sometimes you need to try a new approach. You just have to take that first step to see what a boutique gym has in store for you!