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How to Survive a Superbowl Party

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You know what else is part of our culture? The 10 pounds on average that 1 in 4 football lovers gain during the season.

But this doesnt have to be YOU! Not this year! If your one of those who has adopted a heath and fitness goal for the new year, dont let all your hard work, so far, go to waste.

Check out our top tricks for staying on track at that upcoming Super Bowl party:

Tip 1:

Use ramekins. These little ceramic casserole bowls are fancy forms of portion control. One ramekin should hold about enough guac or salsa for two people. If you start the night with that small-sized portion, you will naturally limit the overall quantity you consume over the night.

Tip 2:

Bake your wings or cook them in an air fryer (these are seriously amazing). The reduction in fat is ridiculously dramatic. I also added some recipes below that are super tasty.

Tip 3:

Replace cheese dips with chips, hummus, and celery. Easy swap, healthy result.

Tip 4:

Put out only small plates; do not use the dinner-sized serving platters.

Tip 5:

Bust a move! You know there’s going to be a crazy good mini concert going on that we call “half-time”, so why not get up and move! It beats sitting and you can burn some crazy calories shaking your grove thing

There you have it, our top 5 tricks to get you through the game!

Got a tip? We would love to hear how you plan to keep yourself in check during the big game!