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Don’t Be Shy, Give Us A Try

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There is Something Amazing Waiting for You on the Other Side of the Threshold of Our Front Doors…You Just Don’t Know It Yet!

You’ve been thinking about giving CrossFit a try for a while…maybe weeks, months…heck we have a member who stalked us for a year!

We get it!

I always congratulate our newest members for taking the first step inside our doors. It’s the hardest one to take.

But what if you’ve never done this thing called “CrossFit?”

Our Jumpstart program and our Foundation Classes are perfect for the beginner, and we custom schedule both!

What is the jump start program?

“Jump Start” is a 60 minute introduction to our gym. By appointment only, come in and check out our facility, meet your coach, participate in a goal strategy session and receive a complimentary body composition analysis. We’ll even take you through your very first baseline workout that consists of a short distance row and a few bodyweight movements.

We’re with you every step of the way!

What are foundation classes?

Our foundation classes consist of 5 one-on-one training sessions, with your coach, to learn some of the basic movements, common to CrossFit. Each class is an hour long and packed with lots of great information to help ease any beginner into our group classes.

So if you’ve been promising yourself that you’re going to start next week, you just lost another excuse!

Call, email or heck, just come on in. We would love to meet you.

We schedule FREE JUMP START PACKAGES throughout the week and pride ourselves on making anyone of any ability level feel comfortable and get started with CrossFit the right way!


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