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“Chronic Cardio Syndrome”

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Yes, that could quite possibly be a made up phrase. However, I do believe that many people, women especially, suffer from this condition.

What is Chronic Cardio Syndrome?

To put it in simple terms, it is believing that by doing hours and hours of cardio you will burn huge amounts of body fat only to end up looking like that girl you follow on Instagram who is forever posting half naked pictures of herself for all the world to see.

What if I told you that doing crazy long cardio sessions may not be the best way to get the rockin’ bod you desire? What if I told you that strength training leads to fat loss; that it helps maintain fat-free mass and your resting energy expenditure (how many calories you burn at rest) better than traditional cardio?

Whoa! Wait, What?

Participating in heavy-resistance weight training not only significantly increases strength, it also increases lean body mass while decreasing body fat. If done properly, all this can happen without any visible body measurement changes. Ladies, that means that your not going to “get bulky”!

Have you ever heard of someone who participates in a regular strength training program and tells you that the number on the scale isn’t changing but the size of their waistline is? There it is, human proof!

Yes, I know, your saying to yourself, “But weightlifting is boring”.

Well how about you try throwing together a set of dead-lifts, mix in a few push ups along with a 400 meter run- do that 4 times and tell me how you feel. Its a game changer for sure! And you know what else it is? Its a sneaky way to lift weight AND burn fat!

Ladies, wouldn’t your workout be something you looked forward to instead of something you dreaded if you knew that you could shorten your time in the gym by getting it all done in one workout AND get the results you want right long with it?

Now get moving!