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Athlete of the Month, Sloan King

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Sloan King is a definite asset as well as a staple at Upper Limit! As the saying goes, “Its hard to keep a good man down”! and its hard to keep Sloan away from his daily workouts! He rarely misses a workout and has even figured out a way for him and his wife to attend class together, most of the time, with their two little boys in tow. He is an inspiration to others and a dedicated athlete at Upper Limit!

What made you decide to join CrossFit Upper Limit and how long have you been a member?

      I remember walking in to the gym the summer Upper Limit opened while I was taking the boys for a walk.  It looked awesome and I wanted to try it, but I never made the next step.  All of the same excuses of time, or needing to be more in shape to make it to the gym, or beer, kept me from becoming a better version of myself. Over the next few months my wife and I would drop the phrase “crossfit” from time to time, and next thing I know, Bethany signed both of us up for my birthday.  I realized that was the time to do something about my current shape and make a change, physically and mentally. We have both been members for over a year and a half and it is just the beginning.  I’m just glad double unders were not part of any metcon in the first week or I would have quit.  : )

 What are your fitness goals?

My fitness goals are kind of vague.  I just try to show up consistently, work at things that I am not very good at, and try to not have any debilitating weakness in movements from oly lifts to gymnastics.  I’m never going to be part of the 1000 pound club, but I want to be able to RX any metcon or benchmark thrown at me.  That takes consistency, dedication, and listening to the coaches. It also takes a lot of encouragement from my wife who pushes me to get in to the Box when I’m wanting to take a day.  Sometimes it consists of her calling me names.  : ) Once I’m at the gym and warming up, I get in the zone and it’s game on.

Talk to us about your athletic background. What did you do prior to training at CrossFit Upper Limit?

  I did a lot of different activities, but anything outside was always preferred.  I played basketball growing up, football in high school, then rock climbing, mountain biking, and running after high school.  After college I kind of stopped doing activities to try and focus on school and family, and did not realize that letting go of physical activities was not the right way to go about life.  Getting into Upper Limit has made me realize how important physical activity is in my life and am excited to teach that life lesson to my boys.

 What type of diet do you follow?

I counted Macros for about six months after starting crossfit and saw some pretty decent improvements.  I have not done that in a while, but it did set me up to make better decisions.  Bethany is always making delicious food that is healthy…it makes portion control difficult! Long story short, my diet forces me to have to work hard in the Box.

 Favorite movements in the CrossFit program?

My favorite movement is 1 RM clean.

 Least favorite?

My least favorite movement in CrossFit is the Bench Press.  Even before my bum shoulder I could never lift very much.  The most difficult, however, is the snatch and DBU’s.  I might hate them, but I respect them since they continually push me to improve.

Tell us one thing that most people don’t know about you.  Hmmmm.  I’m kind of an open book, so this is a difficult one.  I have a beautiful wife and two awesome boys, but everyone already knows that.  I actually won a live stage performance of Fear Factor at Universal Studios in Orlando.  Not as cool as the TV show, but my application never was accepted for the show.  : (

How has being a member of CrossFit Upper Limit impacted your life?

CrossFit has had a huge impact on my life.  I don’t feel exhausted throughout the day, even after a hard metcon.  I fall asleep quickly and feel refreshed in the morning, even after working late (most of the time).  It has shown me that I can push myself in my personal life and that I can always do more.  I’m a lot happier at work, more patient with people, and more dependable to my family.  I wish I had joined the CrossFit community long ago!