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Are you a “DNB”?

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I first time I saw  the acronym “DNB” was on a sweatshirt worn by one of my athletes. DNB? Hummm, what does that even mean? If your familiar with the female MMA fighter Rhonda Rousey, you may have heard this phrase before…DNB…it stands for “Do Nothing Bitch”!

I suppose you could apply it to many things in life but I’m going to apply it to something that I feel is becoming contagious at the box lately… complaining about things you cant do…not yet anyway.

Spending some 14 hours a day at the gym on most days, I have the chance to interact with many of my athletes. To hear their personal struggles, whether at work or with kids or spouses, to witness their successes and to push them to do more, lift more, go faster, when they would rather punch me in the face (come on, admit it!).

This is one of the things I pride myself on and what makes me such a successful owner and coach. It is my mission to know every one of my athletes. I want to know what makes you tick, what makes you mad, what music you like,  your greatest achievement as well as your greatest struggle and your biggest fears.

Don’t believe me…read my coaches bio on our website!

If I don’t know what makes you tick, I won’t know how to coach you in the most effective manner possible.

So lets get back to the “DNB” acronym and how it applies to our conversation.

I hear from many of you, complaints on how you just wish you could do double-unders, get your first pull up, Rx your first WOD or even drop a few pounds. Now don’t get me wrong, I welcome those complaints and view it as an opportunity to put on my Super Girl cape and swoop in and save you from yourself…but here’s the thing…you have to want to be saved, you have to really want these “things” for yourself or else it will never happen.

So now let me ask you this- if you really want it as badly as you say you do, how much time do you invest in working on “it”? Whatever it is? Are you coming in before class and working on “it”? Are you staying after class to ask a coach for some tips on how to improve “it”? Have you ever attend Open Gym? Did you know that was even a thing? Do you take advantage of ROM WOD to work mobility? I had an athlete ask to do Rom Wod after the 630PM class the other night and even though I was tired, I was so excited that she wanted to stay and do a little something to work on herself. It was important to her so therefore its important to me! We stayed!

You see, all of us coaches do these things in our own workouts. Behind the scenes when none of you are watching.  We struggle with the same things you do.  It took me 3 months to learn double-unders! I just learned toes to bar this past year from watching another coach. We read books, watch videos and ask for help from other coaches.

You see, we don’t just throw chalk dust into the fan and hope that when it lands on us it turns us into experts in everything…although that would be nice at times.  Dont get any ideas! It really doesn’t work…we’ve tried it!

For us, we trust and enjoy the process.  It’s work, damn hard work! We practice it everyday.  Sometimes progress is slow  as shit and other times, we are rewarded within a week. Here’s the thing…we are working on those things all the time.  We are not “DNB’s”.  Which means that we will not allow you to become one either!

Stop complaining, ask for help, get yourself in the gym when “you don’t have time” and work on becoming a “DSB”, a “Do Something Bitch!”