Meet the CrossFit Coaches

Passionate Coaches

When you’re ready to raise your upper limits, these are the men and women who are going to help make that happen. These coaches and instructors are passionate about what they do, and even more passionate about getting you the results you want.
  • Amy Maschue


    Owner/Coach Amy Maschue in known for her motivation skills. “I want to know what motivates every athlete here so I can hit those triggers when they are in the gym,” she says. “I want to know what their favorite music is, what their favorite movements are, what they hate. Yes, it’s a bit extreme, but these things matter. They are the things that can make or break a workout, and they are important!”

    Before Opening Upper Limit, Amy worked as a personal trainer and group fitness instructor for more than 16 years. She was a national bodybuilding competitor for 7 years and holds the 2015 Arizona State Women’s Masters Division first place in Olympic Weightlifting.


    • CrossFit Level 1
    • USAW Level 1 Coach
    • NSCA Personal Trainer
  • Steve Brown


    Coach Steve Brown has been CrossFitting for nine years, he owned a box for four years, and he continues to want to help people with their health and fitness. Coach Steve specializes in weightlifting. He is passionate about helping his clients reach their health and fitness goals. Watching members achieve something they thought was unachievable or far-fetched is what he loves most about coaching.

    Steve’s favorite quote: “You have power over your mind–not outside events. Realize this, and you will find strength.” –Marcus Aurelius


    • NASM FNS
    • CFL1
    • Iron athlete weightlifting coach
    • PN level 1 certified
    • USAW L1SP
  • Sean Fulkerson


    Sean Fulkerson has been a CrossFitter for six years and specializes in Olympic lifting, motivation—and sarcasm. “My most notable accomplishment is surviving three decades of life,” he says. “Like so many, I was at a point where I was looking for something to get me off the couch, and make it so I can continue to enjoy the site of my lower extremities. I saw the CrossFit games on ESPN3, thought that it looked fun. In-between events, I jumped on the Google and found a box. That Monday, I walk into one of the local boxes to take my assessment. I don’t remember much of that first workout. I blacked out somewhere around 300m on the rower, and then standing outside the box by a tree re-enjoying my lunch. That was when I had drunk the Kool-Aid® and was hooked.”

    As an athlete himself, Sean ran a 400m at an all-state level in high school, and dabbled in downhill mountain biking, and inline speed skating, though his 20s. His path to becoming a CrossFit coach was a bit tumultuous. “After a series of unfortunate events, I was in my parents’ basement,” he says. “I put a few cities on a dart board, spun around in circles a few time, and threw a dart. It hit Phoenix, so a few weeks later, I had a few things in my car, and headed west, young man. After a few months in town, I found a box, and was back in the business of fighting obesity.”

    Not surprisingly, Sean is always an open book. His favorite motivational saying: “Always looking for progress, never perfection.”


    • CrossFit Level 2
    • CrossFit Rowing
    • CrossFit Kettlebell
    • Eat To Perform Level 2
    • Muscle Driver Olympic Lifting


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