Why Isagenix?

At CrossFit Upper Limit we have partnered with Isagenix to provide our members access to some of the best supplements and weight management products on the market.  The standards of Isagenix products are “Quality and Integrity” and they select the highest quality ingredients for all of their products, which are backed by science.

At CrossFit Upper Limit we believe that there is no supplement for hard work- both inside the gym and out.  The reality is, however, that no matter how hard you work in the gym if you are not taking care of your diet, nutrition, supplementation and hydration you will never maximize your potential.  Working hard for an hour in the gym is a big part of the equation, but how you fuel yourself the other 23 hours is also of supreme importance.

We offer Isagenix products as a service to our members so that they can more fully benefit from the work that they do in the gym and to live healthy lives.  In addition to providing our members with an optimal training experience, our goal is to educate our members on the importance of sound nutritional strategies and the benefits that appropriate supplementation can do for them as they work toward their goals.

The first key is having a solid nutritional strategy based on real, whole foods in appropriate quantities.  Second to that, there are many benefits to appropriately supplementing your training- including aiding in recovery, helping build lean muscle mass, managing your weight, etc.

Over the last 4 years, members have regularly asked us for advice on what supplements to take, and we feel confident in directing people to Isagenix products to meet their needs and help them reach their goals.

Whether you are looking to lose weight, improve performance (or both!), or just feel better- Isagenix can help.

If you have any questions please ask or e-mail Amy (amy@crossfitupperlimit.com) or check out the info at the gym or at www.kevinmaschue.isagenix.com


Check out some of our members' amazing results while using Isagenix products, training hard, and being committed.  Whether you are looking to lose weight, improve performance (or both!), or just feel better- Isagenix can help.

Coach Amy Maschue

“I have always been a healthy eater.  As a mother of four growing boys, it was important to me to teach them to eat good foods in all varieties…I didn’t want to deal with picky eaters!

When Isagenix was introduced to me, I decided to go with the performance pack. I had a few pounds to lose but I really wanted to see some improvement in my gym performance.

Prior to Isagenix, I was experiencing extremely low energy levels about a third of the way through my training. I would push through, telling myself that it was just a fluke. I was having a hard time replenishing that energy outside of the gym in my regular lifestyle. I was not seeing the usual increases in strength and endurance, I had been accustomed to seeing and it started to concern me. My sleep started to suffer and my weight slowly crept up on the scale.

Things I love about Isagenix:
1. My energy levels are much higher. After being on the products for ONE WEEK, I noticed a huge improvement in my energy, in and out of the gym!
2. The shakes are delicious
3. The pre-workout doesn’t make me jittery or hyped up like other brands have.
4. I am rarely hungry- which also means less h-anger is which is good for everyone in direct contact with me.
5. I am down from 22% BF to 15%. My clothes fit differently, my muscle definition is comparable to my bodybuilding days and I feel stronger than ever!”

Kevin Maschue

“Isagenix is one of the best things I have done for my body. I have always struggled with my weight and have tried every diet known to man…losing 20 lbs and gaining it back when I stopped following the diet. Isagenix has changed the way I look at nutrition not only in the gym but in everyday life.
I FEEL BETTER: I have more energy throughout the day when I fuel my body properly. I start my day with a Isagenix shake.

ITS EASY TO GIVE YOUR BODY THE NUTRITION THAT IT NEEDS: instead of reach for that quick snack to fill you up I reach for my IsaLean shake. A choice that I can feel good about (and it tastes good)

MEAL REPLACEMENT: Being a fire fighter, shift work definitely took a toll on my body. I NEVER ate enough while I was on duty, running calls throughout the day and night. Not giving your body what it needs to stay functioning properly can be detrimental to your progress to a healthy lifestyle. Now I wake up a little earlier (because I have the energy) to make a shake to keep me full for the morning. I have a healthy snack somewhere around 10am then another shake for lunch! Then its one more snack, mid afternoon and a 400-600 calorie dinner.

ENHANCING MY WORKOUTS: I had never used a pre and/or post workout supplements before. Now I use AMPED Power before, Hydrate during and Recover after and it has made a huge difference! My strength and endurance would always suffer when I was on one of those many diets I used to do but now I have noticed a huge improvement in both those aspects and it feels amazing!
I honestly did not realize how much my nutrition dictates my successes in and out of the gym!  I feel better throughout the day, I am crushing my workouts and have an overall better energy level to conquer any challenge that I may face throughout my day.
I started Isagenix to lose weight but I had no idea how much it would help me get my nutrition back on track, having me sleeping better and having more energy throughout the day!  I have also lost 60lbs! I have no plans of stopping something that is yielding such amazing results…why would I??

The best part about Isagenix is that IT’S EASY! You can make small, easy changes to your diet/ lifestyle that will help you make better overall choices to help you fulfill your potential.  Isagenix helps me fulfill my potential!! I can’t wait to see what the future holds.”



If you’re into the science, take a look at these articles: http://www.isagenixhealth.net/isagenix-science/

Here’s a great video about the 30 Day Program and the concept of “Nutritional Rebalancing” from Melissa Henault who holds a Doctorate in Pharmacy.  She discusses the three pillars of how Isagenix products can help get you looking and feeling better: nutrition, reduction in inflammation and stress, and detoxification.

Video link-  https://youtu.be/IqFBgwtFroI

Again, there is no magic bullet. You have to do the work. That being said, how you fuel your body can have a big impact on how you perform and recover.  Generally speaking- you want to put as much good, quality food into your body as possible while reducing the not-so-good things and finding an overall balance that works in your life.