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8 Reasons Why You Haven’t Tried Upper Limit

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You Believe that You’re Going to Puke, Pass Out, or Die

Don’t be fooled by a scary-sounding workout of the day (WOD) such as “Death by Burpees.” It’s not literal, people. But it’s understandable why you might think so. “CrossFit is known for its intensity. When people who are new to CrossFit don’t know how to gauge that intensity, they may feel nauseous or sick…it happens and it has happened to all of us! (Remember, we were all beginners too!).

Intensity isn’t something you add right away. At Upper Limit, coaches will help you build a foundation, teaching you about technique and consistency. Once you’ve got those down, then you can add intensity. Without proper form, there’s no point to add speed or volume because you won’t make any fitness gains and may injure yourself.

If you still start to feel bad mid-WOD, stop and let your body recover.  Learning the difference between discomfort—which is common—and pain—which is uncommon and can be avoided—is part of the learning process when starting Crossfit. It’s okay to be uncomfortable, tired, and sore, but it’s not okay to be in respiratory distress, exhausted to the point of systemic failure, or injured.

You’ve Heard that You Will Get Hurt

With any activity, there’s always a risk of injury. But don’t blame it entirely on the sport, especially one like CrossFit that is set up to mimic everyday movements to help strengthen muscles and prevent injury. Problems happen when you stop listening to your body.  If something feels weird, it’s hard for a trainer to know unless you say something. They’re not inside your head, so speak up.

Same goes if something is too heavy—simply don’t lift it.  You have to learn to listen to your body and your coach!  If you feel that you need to adjust weights or movements, ask your coach for suggestions.  That’s what they are there for.

 You Must Be Competitive

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No need to bring your game face to every workout. You can be as competitive as you want to be—or not. While it may seem like you’re going up against your classmates, the only person you need to beat is yourself.  It’s great to have “accountabili-buddies” to encourage you to work hard, but you don’t want to stay locked into the idea that you and your training partners are exactly the same person in experience level. We all have our strengths and weaknesses and you will find out where you are a rock star and where you need to put in some extra effort.

At Upper Limit, we utilize a program called Wodify, that tracks your daily workouts as well as your results- its like an online journal.  You can track your workout results, along with others from the gym, to see where you stack up. Its also a great platform for getting to know others in class!  You can like and comment on their performance and cheer them on from the sidelines!

Also, paying attention to personal performance, will help you stop comparing yourself to others. You might notice your best squat has gone up 70 pounds in the last year. That will give you some perspective about your growth as an athlete that doesn’t rely on anyone else.

You Have to Go Paleo

You can work out out until you’re blue in the face and not see results until you change your eating habits, and the Paleo Diet is the solution for some.  But it may not be realistic for YOU. Buying grass-fed, organic meats can be expensive, and finding time to cook them can be hard. It’s best to pick up just one new habit at a time anyway. We usually like to give new members a couple weeks to become familiar with the workouts before we introduce a nutrition plan. We find that it is at this point that you begin to see results that will encourage you to eat better in order to perform better.

Membership Is Too Pricey

Your local gym is cheaper, but what good is it if you’re not seeing results? What people pay for at CrossFit is the very high-level coaching—we usually have one coach for every 10 people. Think of it this way: CrossFit offers both the programing and the individual attention from a trained professional to help you reach your goals. If you show up at least three times a week, do the work, and focus, results are inevitable.

At Upper Limit, our memberships are not a one size fits all.  We offer two basic memberships: a three times a week option for $105 or an unlimited option for $150. If you’re still uncertain about what type to choose start small and work into the unlimited option when your ready!

Which brings me to our next point…

Crossfit Is Time-Consuming

Diehards will hit up their box as many as six times a week, allowing just one rest day, but you don’t need to go to such extremes. Three to four times a week is all it takes to make big changes, while twice a week will help to maintain your current fitness level if you’re also doing other activities such as yoga. Plus, research proves that CrossFit is really effective in significantly improving your aerobic fitness, so it’s totally worth every workout.

Our classes average about an hour, and WODs are usually between eight and 20 minutes long.  We begin as a class and finish as one!  Most of our daily workouts are composed of a warmup, a strength component like bench press, squat or deadlift followed by the Metcon( our version of cardio). The beauty of the programming is that it changes everyday, so you never get bored and your body is constantly being stimulated in different ways. Plus, you wont get bored, which is a common complaint from those who first join our gym, about their current fitness routine. The reason they decide to try Crossfit is that they are bored with their current routine and aren’t seeing the results they want.

Only Former Athletes Can Handle It

At Upper Limit, we are a mix of many different people.  Some have been college athletes.  Some have exercised only recreation-ally. Some have never had a gym membership or worked out a day in their life. No matter what your level or where you’re coming from,  rest assured that we all started as beginners, just like you. Our coaches begin with you where you are, at your current fitness level.  We adjust the workouts so that you are participating with the rest of the class but maybe using lower weights or doing different movements until you get the hang of it.  If you are coming in with a certain type of limitation, say bad knees or a low back issue, we adjust the workout until you can establish strength, balance and agility to confidently execute the movements.

 All Boxes Are Created Equal

 CrossFit is no McDonald’s. You can’t just walk into any box and expect to get the exact same service. At Upper Limit, we are a group of everyday people looking for the best way to become fit while having fun! We are not all competitors, although, some find that after a few months they may want to enter a local competition to see how they stack up against others…but that may not be you and that’s okay!

We workout together, have fun and get results form the time we devote to it.  That’s it!

Your new “accountabili-buddies” are waiting for you! Its time you gave it a try to see what you’ve been missing!