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5 Things You Should be Doing After Every Workout

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Just as the clock buzzer sounds, you hit that last rep and drop the bar with satisfaction…ahhh, another workout finished! You work the room, giving much deserved high fives and spitting encouraging words to your workout buddies… but you’re not done yet. For every sweat filled session you participate in, you need to cap it off with these five post-workout tasks.




You just put your body through a grueling workout, dont you think it deserves a “reward” for carrying you through it all? You bet it does! After every workout, stay a few minutes extra and treat those tired muscles to some healthy recovery! If you wait until you get home, the shower or the couch will look much more inviting than doing more “work”.  If your at a loss, you can never go wrong with stretching the hips, shoulders, legs and back. If your unsure how to do it, ask a coach!  They will be glad to help out!



The gym is a pretty messy place that entertains a lot of people throughout the day. Immediately after you put all of your equipment away, make a pit stop to wash those hands!

Many of you dont realize it, but dunking your hands repeatedly into the chalk bucket during a workout can cause your hands to dry out.  Wash your hands before you leave and show them a little love!

Its also a great idea to keep any sweaty clothing (wrist wraps, knee sleeves, belts or clothing) out of your gym bag. Not only does this create a thriving bacteria environment, it also creates quite an undesirable smell and we all know that no one likes the smelly guy in class!!


You showed up and put in the work, now its time to record what you’ve done so that you can keep track of where you started and where you are now.

In most of our strength components, we focus on using a certain percentage of weight during any given lift. Make sure your logging your results into Wodify so that you start to become familiar with how much you can lift.

Although the Metcons are ever changing, its important to log your results here too! Although its not a competition, it is helpful to know where you stand compared to someone in class who is at your level. It may help to push you to strive for being better, stronger and faster than what your accustomed to.  “Raise your Upper Limit”!

Plus its fun at the end of the day to check the days Leaderboard and see how everyone else is doing and maybe give them a “like” for their effort and leave an encouraging comment on how well they did or how fun it was to workout with them today!



Feed the machine! There is lots of information floating around out there about how soon you should eat after a workout. We feel that the most important thing is that you just remember to eat! If you find that your one of those who forgets to eat when you get home or after you get to work, load a few scoops of protein into your shaker and bring it to the gym. It may not be an entire meal but it will replenish those tired muscles with a bit of protein until you can eat a regular meal.

As far as how much protein you need — and how fast you need to eat it — it depends.  Weightlifting or running tends to lead to more muscle damage than [low-impact] exercise such as yoga. “Therefore, it may be necessary to consume higher quantities of protein and BCAAs after intense exercises that cause more muscle damage in order to promote optimal muscle repair and recovery.  Aim to get anywhere between 20 and 40 grams, skewing toward the high end the greater your exercise intensity or body size.


Following workouts, you may actually need more carbs than protein, with most studies showing that post-workout foods and drinks with a 3:1-to-4:1 ratio of carbs-to-protein are ideal for exercise recovery. That means, for every gram of protein you consume following a workout, you likely need three to four times as many grams of carbs. Think of things like fruits or starches (potatoes, rice or pasta) for an example.

Log that as an Rx+, baby!