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4 Myths About CrossFit That Might Surprise You

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You have yet to experience this workout called “Crossfit”.

You’ve heard about it, you may even have friends or co-workers who cant stop raving about it yet you still wonder, “How can this be for me?”

Without ever giving it a shot, you’re only left with what you’ve read or heard from others…most of which leave you with apprehension of Crossfit being something you just cant do.

Wouldn’t you hate it if you missed out on something just because you chose to listen to what others had to say or to the fears you had over giving it a shot?

One things for sure, if you chat with any of our members, you’ll quickly learn that they were just like you, once! Fearful of getting started, fearful of looking like a newbie, fearful of not being fit enough…only NOW, they cant imagine themselves doing anything else!

Check out some of the 4 most common myths surrounding Crossfit! They may just give you the courage to give it a try!


When you show up to a CrossFit gym, you’ll find a different scene than the one you saw on television. Guess what else? You might be farther along in your fitness journey than other people attending the class…

It’s surprising, but one of the biggest factors keeping people from the gym is not being as fit as they want to be. What a catch-22! So, before you rule yourself out from being able to complete the Workout of the Day (or “WOD” in CrossFit lingo) let’s try to view the situation with fresh eyes.

As CrossFit has grown in popularity you’ve seen the well-muscled men and women of the CrossFit Games. As you watch them run, jump, and hoist tremendous weights overhead you think to yourself “I could never do that.”

So, what do you need to do? Try to reach out to a local CrossFit gym and see what it’s like. Like in the popular romantic comedy, Hitch, when the date doctor played by Will Smith teaches his client to move in for a kiss. The man moves in 90% of the distance and lets the woman come in for the final 10%. That’s where CrossFit is going to meet you. By opening the door, you will have access to a supportive and accepting community.

Your coach will help you “scale” to give a similar workout as those athletes on TV. The difference will be with lighter weights, shorter duration, or fewer repetitions. Everyone has unique strengths and weaknesses, but they are always there for each other.


Getting too muscular is a common fear that many women have when they deliberate strength training programs. Developing bigger muscles is a process called hypertrophy. Hypertrophy will occur with a consistent resistance training routine. Training volume, caloric consumption, and hormones all play an important role in the growth of new muscle. Any person you see that appears to muscular may spend as much time training as you do at your full-time job. With that said, it’s one piece of the puzzle and most likely won’t happen on accident.

Most athletes find that lose inches in all the right places even with increased muscle. Clothes fit better, they have a healthy appetite, and even look better naked!


Do people get injured participating in CrossFit. Yes.

They also get injured while jogging, moving furniture, walking their dogs, and shaving their legs in the shower. Injuries come from a lack of focus, preparation, or by not listening to our bodies. In fact, the injury incidence in CrossFit fits into a category with most other recreational training activities.

The functional movements used in CrossFit model the movements we complete in everyday life. Practicing fundamental movement patterns reduces the risk of injury and helps us become more confident and competent. A quick internet search will show you the tremendous success stories of individuals who have used CrossFit to overcome past injuries and debilitating diseases.


While having some sort of fitness knowledge is helpful, it is not necessary. That’s where coaching comes in.

Think about it, if your beginning a new activity wouldn’t the best thing be to participate in that activity to become better at it? If you were going to run your first 5k race, you wouldn’t buy a bike and practice with that, you would specifically train for your event. If you want to begin crossfit, the best thing to do is to come to class and start slowly, following your coaches direction.

Well, that pretty much covers it! We hope that we were able to dispel some of the misconceptions you may have had about experiencing your first crossfit workout and maybe, just maybe, you’re ready to give it a shot?!

We would love to meet YOU!