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10 Reasons to Stay Hydrated

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During the warmer summer months, its not uncommon to see many of us toting our water bottles with us where ever we go.  During the winter months its almost as if our water bottles go into hibernation due to the cold and our mixed up perception that we aren’t as thirsty or that we don’t need as much water.

Don’t be fooled! If your exercising regularly or even if your not, your body still needs to have a sufficient amount of water to function at its best.

Still not a total believer…read on for our top 10 reasons you should stay hydrated.

  1. Being hydrated improves your mood.
  2. Most people confuse dehydration with hunger: Curb your appetite by keeping your body hydrated.
  3. Dry joints are bad joints: A hydrated body keeps cartilage soft and working properly.
  4. Dehydration is the biggest contributor to daytime fatigue.
  5. Good hydration improves circulation.
  6. Dehydration is the #1 reason for headaches.
  7. A body that is functioning at 3% dehydration has a decreased cardio output of 20%.
  8. Hydration aids in the body’s absorption of nutrients.
  9. Drinking water improves brain function.
  10. Hydration prevents muscle fatigue.